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Selected Recent Key Invited Talks (since 2015)

Very High Level (High prestige)

  • Webinar for the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)  “Migrant Smuggling”

  • Consultant for the U.S. Department of State on (Forced) Migration in Post- Withdrawal Afghanistan, December 2021

  • Maastricht University Star Lecture in Brussels February 2020

  • “What are the prerequisites for development and an outlook for refugees and the displaced?” Round Table with Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) November 2018

  • “Understanding Migration in a European Context” Maastricht University Star Lecture in Munich February 1, 2018

  • Invited talk at UN New York on Migration and Development (July 2017)

  • Invited talk at UN New York on Migration (July 2017)

  • Invited talk at UN New York on Migration in the Post-2015 Development Agenda (December 2014)

  • Invited talk at Brainstorming event for the Commissioner for Development Cooperation (European Commission) (2015)


  • Invited talk at the event “Yeongdeungpo Glocal Knowledge Forum 2021” speaking on Best Practices of Cities in Integration/Competitiveness through Diversity, November 2021

  • Invited talk at the event  “Role of Government in Diaspora Engagement for Development: A peer-to-peer learning : GIZ Web platform”, speaking on Generating Data on the Diaspora, 16th – 17th November 2021

  • Invited talk for the Volt Euregio Event  “Cross-Border Transportation” speaking on Cross Border Transportation (February 2021)

  • Invited talk for the event “Elimination of discriminations (and xenophobia) and the promotion of evidence-based public discourse to shape perception of migration” (Objective 17, GCM – ref. Round Table 4), with a particular focus on COVID-19.  Organized by Agora Europe (May 2021)

  • Invited talk “How development affects migration” for the European Commission Webinar “Root Causes of migration- and evidence based appraisal (MIGNEX)” (May 2021)

  • Invited talk “COVID’s Impact on Remittances” Oxford Consortium for Human Rights webinar on  Migrants, Displaced People and the COVID Crisis (September 2020)

  • Invited talk “Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on remittance in countries of origin” GIZ webinar for staff: Exchange on remittances, their role for economic development and how they are affected by the crises (July 2020)

  • Invited talk “The Effects of Development Interventions on Migration Decisions” German Development Institute International Conference on Forced Displacement and Migration: Linking policies and people: New Insights on migration and development (October 2019)

  • Two invited talks: “Migration processes-corruption nexus and its implications for all parties involved/affected” & “Changing the (public) narrative on migration and debunking migration myths” at the7th EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Impacts and Opportunities of International Migration (August 2019)

  • Invited talk “The effect of development interventions of migration decisions” , Migration Policy Centre Annual Conference: Migration Between Africa And Europe: Knowledge Production, Attitudes, And Governance,  (May 2019)

  • Key note speech on “Migration and Knowledge Transfer” for the International Organisation for Migration Conference ‘Diaspora in Action’, The Hague, The Netherlands (October 2018)

  • “Migration and the Health of Those Who Stay Behind With a Focus on the Effects on Children and Elderly Left Behind” 13th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health, Oakland, CA (June 2018)

  • Key note speech on “Evaluation of Mobility Partnerships: challenges and outlook”, The Azerbaijan EU Mobility Partnership Conference (June 2018) Baku, Azerbaijan

  • “Return Migration and Knowledge Transfer”, University of Bordeaux Seminar Series (June 2018)

  • “Mapping the Reintegration Processes” for the workshop  Supporting the Effective Reintegration of (Roma) Returnees, World Bank, Vienna (January 2018)

  • “Sustainable integration of refugees in the regions and municipalities” 12th Annual Conference of European Regions and Cities: Sustainability for regions and cities, Salzburg, Austria (September 2016)

  • Key note on “Migration and Development” for the conference The Migration and Development Nexus and the Role of Public Policies which was part of Support the Implementation of Development-Sensitive Migration Policies in Turkey (SIDEM) implemented by ICDPM and the EU (December 2017)

  • “Linkages between Migration and Corruption” for Migration Stadium General Series, Maastricht University (March 2017)

  • “Myths and Realities of Migration” invited talk for the Maastricht Rotary Club (February 2017)

  • Expert talk “A Study on the Link between Corruption and the Causes for (irregular) Migration” for the special event Driver, Enabler, Obstacle: The Role of Corruption in Displacement and Corruption Management (January 2017)

  • “Irregular migration and to role of smugglers” for the Immigration Naturalization Services of the Netherlands (April 2016)

  • “Exploiting Tragedy: Corruption and the Refugee Crisis” at the 2016 Global Integrity Forum: Fighting the hidden tariff, Global Trade Without Corruption at the OECD (April 2016)

  • “Understanding Linkages between migration and Corruption” for the University College Maastricht Migration and Refugee invited speaker series (March 2016)

  • “Diaspora and Peace: What is the role for development cooperation?” For the Roundtable on Diaspora and Peace: What Role for Development Cooperation? GIZ, Germany (December 2015)

  • “Irregular migration and human smuggling in Europe and the Netherlands” IOM international Expert Meeting on Human Smuggling: Data and Research, Istanbul (December 2015)

  • “Understanding Migration and Development” For ICMPD for the Government of Georgia in the Enhancing Georgia’s Migration Management (ENIGMMA) project (October 2015)

  • “Trends in Latin American Migration” at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C. (October 2015)

  • Honors College and the College of Charleston Commencement Address (May 2015)

  • “Migration and Development” for DGMM’s Support of a development –sensitive and coherent Turkish Migration Policy, Ankara, Turkey (May 2015)

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